The Great Reversal – Discussion

logo.passport (for Adult Class discussion – this introduces the series on our Dual Citizenship)

What do you think Jesus taught us about whether we should be concerned with Heaven, or the earth where we live, or both? Think of some biblical passages.

Which do you agree with?

  • The world is close to the end and our job is to save the lost.
  • God made the earth, and we should try to preserve it.
  • It is important to offer both acts of compassion and preach the gospel.
  • It is “liberal” to talk about helping the poor.
  • It is offensive to share the gospel with someone who is hungry or sick.
  • Christians should work mainly through politics to change the world.
  • Christians should avoid politics as much as possible.
  • We should “preach the gospel” by good works only, not with words.
  • We have to share the full plan of salvation every occasion we can.
  • God really loves American in a special way.
  • America is headed towards judgment.
  • Other:

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