“Social Work” in the Book of Acts

I think of fire on Pentecost and Preaching when I think of the Book of Acts. But it has occurred to me just now …


That there is a lot of social work as well

  • Acts 3 – Healing a Lame Beggar (v. 6) and other miracles of healing scattered throughout the book.)
  • Acts 4 – Sharing Possessions (v. 35) associated with good reputation and growth.
  • Acts 6 – Sharing food with Widows (v. 1-4) as a normal activity of the church.
  • Acts 9 – Dorcas helping the poor (v. 32, 39) creating great loyalty.
  • Acts 10 – Cornelius’ kindness (v. 2, 38) showing his seeker status, and a description of Jesus’ ministry.
  • Acts 27 – 28 Shipwreck and Rescue (v. 28:2) by strangers.

Maybe you can think of others?


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