Weather in the Heartland

A dying monsoon storm



in growing heat with

dark clouds building

it approaches

and grows.

I can see it,

feel it

and smell it.

Clouds with misty

crew cut tops

extending to heaven

and roiling dark

shapes at the bottom.

Energy stored

in a cloudy mass

strikes with jagged fingers

of destruction.

I wait with concern.

Will it come here?

Will it strike the earth,

my house,


This storm has built

and is ready

to send a  charge

to the earth.

 There is a hope –

a thin rod planted

deep in the earth

and rising upward

 toward the sky

stands between


and the storm.

It will take the storm’s wrath

and send it safely

into the earth.

We will be spared.

We huddle in hushed hope

 with whispered prayers

to let the storm

pass over.

(In thinking about wrath and love meeting at the cross, i thought of the power of summer storm clouds being like stored up wrath, and a lightening rod being like the cross that averts the stored up wrath of God. David E. Carlson 3/16/2016)


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