The 9th Commandment and Politics



We are in a political season.  Our TVs are filled with men and women running for office.  They are all the way from President down to the City Council.  You will see commercials.

One groups tests political ads for truthfulness.   This is helpful.  It is sad to say, but not everything you hear on the news, on a talk show, in a debate or in a commercial is truthful.

There are those who like to get the people afraid and angry.  This is never good.  Important decisions need to be made with the facts, not with angry feelings.

So let me suggest this verse, proverbs 29:8

    Scoffers set a city aflame,
but the wise turn away wrath.

We can actually cause acts of violence with our words.  Wars and riots have been caused this way.  Whole parts of cities have been set on fire.

Let us choose wisdom.  In this season of politics here are some suggestions:

  • Check to see if what you hear is true. It may be a lie that people have come to believe.
  • Before you repeat it or send it out by the internet, ask if this is truthful and helpful? Sometimes we can do harm by telling the truth at the wrong time or with the motivation of anger.
  • Before you accept the lie and repeat it, ask yourself what you can do to make the community better.

Complete Sermon Here: Say No to Lies


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