Happy 7th

happy 7

I had lost track but Fresh Read has been around for 7 years now.  It is interesting what draws attention:  A Visit to the Ant Hill and Psalm 34 an  Acrostic are the two with the biggest readership.  Thanks to all the friends and readers.  But more important than my text, is the great text.

Freshread and Kearney NE – 35,107

Thank you readers who have brought our official reader total to 35,107.  We are not sure if this includes peole who get this on Google Reader and the like.  Such technical expertise is above our pay grade.

We share this population with the city of Kearney, Nebraska.  This is also known (on their website) as the sand hill crane capitol of the world.


Blog on target?

I got a call from a reporter today about FRESHREAD.  He asked why?  My answer is really two fold. 

  • First, it is helpful for me to write to help think about the texts I study as a pastor. 
  • Second, I hope it is helpful for those who are not inside the church walls already to be able to understand what the Scriptures do say – as opposed to what people say that they say.

So am I on Target?