Naming – Genesis 2:19

   “And whatever the man called every living creature, that was its name.”  Genesis 2:19

Spring has arrived and the world is returning to life from a winter of sleep.  The birds are loud enough to wake us up through the opened windows.  The trees are budding and some hearty flowers have made it to the sunlight.

When God placed the man and the woman in Eden it was to tend it.  It was also to extend the garden quality of Eden to the world – that is what it meant to “fill the earth and subdue it.”  It is the glory of humanity to bring the peace (shalom) of Eden out into the world.

Adam and Eve failed and we have been failing ever since.  We have worshipped nature, we have abused it, we have given in to it, and we have shaken our fists at its inconveniences.  But that is not our calling

Jesus returned to the world which he had made with the Father and the Spirit (John 1).  His human body was given to death for us – because the Eternal One never needed to die. He accepted death so we can live by faith.

Resurrection Sunday is coming soon, and we are reminded that Jesus was buried in the earth and that by God’s power he sprung up again to life eternal.  He is the first fruit of all the new creation.

So as spring comes around, we of all people ought to enjoy the world that God gave us.  There remains great joy in naming the flowers, trees and birds – for us that is learning their names and their qualities.  Can you identify a Cardinal in the trees?  How about that woodpecker?

We of all people ought to see our relationship with Nature restored to its right place, as part of our whole life being restored by the Gospel

Easter is not about eggs and bunnies. It is about new life, and a new perspective on heaven and earth.

John 20:1-18 – “…a lot of running…”

“John’s Easter account begins with a lot of running.  When Mary Magdalene finds the tomb empty, she runs to tell Simon Peter and the Beloved Disciple.  Her words, like a shot of the gun that begins a race send the two disciples running to check it out for themselves.” 

 Martin B. Copenhaver, “Feasting on the Word; Year A, Vol 2”. p. 370.