What is in a Name? – Lord’s Prayer




I got to think of ways in which we use and misuse the name of God.




What’s in a Name?

He calls by name

            Awaking a heart.

We call on his;

            It’s the start.

Saved by his name

            Written within

Baptized in the name of

            Father, Son and Spirit

Call on his name

            When In distress  

Ask in his name

            That needs be less

Praise to his name

            With lungs and life,

Confess his name

            With all the rest

We’ll sing his name

            As his guests.

Don’t lower his name

            To a comma or a curse,

Give honor to him

            In deeds and words.

Honor Father and Mother


The Hebrew word for “honor” in the 5th commandment is kbd.  Kabod is a word when used of God means to glorify.  It’s base meaning is substance or weight.  So the 5th Commandment is a kind of transition from the laws mostly focused on God (command 1-4) and those focused on actions between people (5-10).  The first four point is toward God as our only one worthy of worship.  A kind of secondary glory is for parents. Like God who is the source of all things, a provider and a sustained, parents gave us life, protected for us and kept us together until we also became adults.

To honor Father and Mother should be more than flowers, a card and some sentiment.  It should be respect, appreciation and care.


Croutons – 5



October 5, 2013


Take some time to think about this.

“Honor one another above yourselves.” – Romans 12:10

Compare  Matthew 22:34-40

34 After Jesus had made the Sadducees look foolish, the Pharisees heard about it and got together. 35 One of them was an expert in the Jewish Law. So he tried to test Jesus by asking, 36 “Teacher, what is the most important commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus answered:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. 38 This is the first and most important commandment. 39 The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” 40 All the Law of Moses and the Books of the Prophets are based on these two commandments.