Speaking of illustrations – James 3

I count 10 illustrations in 12 verses from James 3:1-12

  1. Teacher
  2. Stumbling
  3. Horses’ bit
  4. Ship’s rudder
  5. Boasting
  6. Forest Fire
  7. Animal Tamers
  8. Poison
  9. Springs of water
  10. Fruits and vines

And a bonus

11.  “Gehenna” or hell, is a place of constant burning, both the description of Hell and the place outside of Jerusalem where they burned their trash, and false idols.

It’s a preachers potluck!

Micah 6:8 What Does God Want?

Consider this part one. 

 Tonight we will be using the parable of the Vineyard in Matthew 20 with the 3rd to 5th graders to explain the idea of “doing justice” and “loving mercy.”    We tried earlier to walk humbly, but that is hard to do with that age.  There was more success in acting out the Good Samaritan parable (Luke 10) to illustrate what it means to “love mercy.”

Micah 6:8 – ESV
    He has told you, O man, what is good;
        and what does the Lord require of you
    but to do justice, and to love kindness,
        and to walk humbly with your God?

Words such as these need windows, and that is what the stories and parables provide.  The words are black and white, concepts with power and meaning, but the stories bring them to life