Moses’ Return – a Narrative Sermon

It is summer so I am experimenting with a story telling style of sermon.  In the summer the kids are in Church, so it is helpful for them to remain interested.  Also, I think featuring the text over the preachers formation of the text has more impact.  Here is the text with my apologies for typos…

Moses Return


Sexuality in the Bible

I have been part of discussion over same gender relationships and marriage equality for a number of years.  Below are two articles.

Sexuality in the Light of Christ is a publication that we make available at the church.

Asking the Right Questions was a longer piece I wrote as part of an inter-church dialogue on the issue.

I have observed over the years, since I was at University that the arguments have migrated regularly.  Some of what I wrote is thus dated, but the Biblical portions remain my view of the texts in question.

Finally, Biblical passages that pertain to Sexuality.