Psalm 150 by way of Romans 12

  This is my homework from the class on Praying the Scriptures

Psalm 150 by way of Romans 12

David E. Carlson

Praise the Lord,

Let the name of the Lord be praised!

From the early alarm

To the late night news

And all times between

Praise the Lord.

Praise Him with words and song

Praise him with a listening ear.

Praise Him when you work,

And when you are reclined.

Praise him among friends

And in long solitude.

When your eyes see his works

And your ears hear the bird’s song.

Praise Him when your mind finds his truth

And your heart beats with his passion.

Let your seconds and your years

Your weakness and your powers

Praise the Lord.

From head to heart,

Let every part,

Seek his Praise.

That is not what I meant…

In the discussion over “Praying the Scriptures” someone asked if we are somehow limited to only praying the scriptures.

The answer is NO.

I believe the Biblical record contains about every kind of prayer you can imagine, from spontaneous to formal, from long to short, from ragged to elegant.  Every sort of mood and emotion are evident.  There is not a set order (the Lord’s Prayer starts with praise, but often the Psalms start with a complaint and end with praise.)

What I am saying is that the Scriptures should be in our spiritual tool kit – they can show us words we can use, promises and concepts we can grasp, forms we can follow and rich variety.

I once heard a wood-carver say, “I have over 200 tools, but I use about 12 of them 95% of the time.” Often we keep our use of our tool kit down to one or two, or worse yet, we keep the tools in the tool box and go watch someone on This Old House use their tools.

Don’t be that guy.