Psalm 34 – Acrostic Imitations

We tried out own had at acrostic Psalm writing, by putting Psalm 34 in our own words.  Here is the version from our Sunday Evening Study.

Sunday Evening Study’s Psalm 34

  1. All day long I will praise the Lord
  2. Boast and be glad in the Lord
  3. Come with me to worship and Praise the Lord
  4. Deliverance came from the Lord when I sought him for relief
  5. Everyone who trusts in God is secure
  6. For Christ saved the poor man from his troubles
  7. God surrounds us with his love and protection
  8. How good it is to trust in the Lord; He is good.
  9. I will fear the Lord.
  10. Join the banquet
  11. Know the fear of the Lord; Knowledge comes from God
  12. Live life every day
  13. Manage your tongue; mention only what is true
  14. Never do evil; seek peace
  15. Oh never forget the Lord.  Always listen
  16. Put evil behind you and look to the Lord
  17. Quickly the Lord delivers when they cry for help.
  18. Rely on the Lord when you are broken hearted
  19. Surely the Lord saves us all the time
  20. Thanks to God for fulfilling prophecy
  21. Understand the end of the wicked
  22. Victory is ours in Jesus.

Below is my Version

  1. Always praise the Lord
  2. Boast only in the Lord
  3. Come and Praise the Lord
  4. Deliverance is from God
  5. Everyone who trusts in God is secure
  6. Free me” I cried, and he answered.
  7. Guardian angels protect us
  8. He is worth a try
  9. I have never lacked
  10. Join the Banquet
  11. Know what it means to revere God
  12. Life is from God
  13. Mention only what is true
  14. No” to evil; “Yes” to peace.
  15. Oh, Call on God; He listens
  16. Pity the fate of sinners
  17. Quick is the Lord’s reply
  18. Renewal is only a little away
  19. So much trouble; so much help
  20. Total care is what he promises
  21. Understand the end of the wick3ed
  22. Victory is in the Lord.

Psalm 34 – an Acrostic

An acrostic is a poem where each verse starts with a subsequent letter of the alphabet.  It is frequently used in the bible, often in Wisdom Literature.  The book of Lamentations is made up of acrostic poems.

Psalm 34 is an Acrostic, and the second half bears a number of the marks of wisdom literature:  instruction to the young, call to fear god, two paths, among others.  However it also bears the marks of personal testimony, it is one of the psalms identified with an incident in David’s life, where he had to escape with his life from Saul.

Attached is a worksheet for the Sunday Evening Study group where we will turn Psalm 34 into an acrostic in the English Language.  Verse 1, A; Verse 2, B; etc.