Moses’ Return – a Narrative Sermon

It is summer so I am experimenting with a story telling style of sermon.  In the summer the kids are in Church, so it is helpful for them to remain interested.  Also, I think featuring the text over the preachers formation of the text has more impact.  Here is the text with my apologies for typos…

Moses Return


David & Goliath for kids and grownups

We have been enjoying telling the Bible story to the congregation with the kids present and then preaching on the text when the kids go off to Junior Church.  This week it is David and Goliath.  So there are lots of silly things said about this.  The text is not really about how to take on your big problems (the Goliaths in your life).  Nor is it about David being a super hero.  The sermon is a work in progress, but at this point we need to note:

  • David came as the future anointed King (I Samuel 16).  So he comes at Goliath not as a personal problem, or because he is a busy-body, but as one who is given leadership.
  • The anointing symbolized the presence of the Spirit of God in a unique way with David – and so he comes as a chosen one, but not for his super powers.  The human estimate, by his own father, was not even to invite him to the meeting with Samuel.  David was the least likely to be chosen, or so it seemed.
  • Goliath was not only big but he was a blasphemer, this goes to motive.  This was not about David and his personal problems, but leadership for the larger work of God.
  • It is a story about faith – David expressed trust in God, who had helped him before as a shepherd.  He did not rely on Saul’s armor, but on what he had used before – a sling.
  • I don’t think the number 5 is important – maybe David did not think he would take out the Giant in one shot, so he gave himself time to get off more than one shot.  some people have allegorized this story to death.

Stay tuned – or if you are in Madison, join us on Sunday to see if this David and hit the PowerPoint Giant with a sling and bean bag.