Who is Fresh Read

scribe.2So I like to keep in the background, but since you asked, I am a pastor in Madison, WI.  The idea of “fresh read” came into my head in the shower one day.   I use this blog to write about what interests me as I read and teach the biblical text.  Some postings are sermons, some questions, some worksheets and some book reviews.

My name is David Carlson.

dcarlson301 @ gmail. com  (dissected email to foil spammers)

2 thoughts on “Who is Fresh Read

  1. Hello Dave!
    My name is David Bonner. I thought I would introduce myself. I write a blog about a multitude of things. From atheism, to doubt, to Neo-Calvinism, to the EFCA. I am currently working through the EFCA and calculating the growth of Neo-Calvinism/Reformed theology in the denomination. I have worked through 8 districts and am now working the Forest Lakes District as led by John Payne. In about 3 weeks I will have this district completed and I will work on the next one.

    My blog was born out of pain and trauma. I learned why rape and sexual assault are a problem in the military. I was a disciple of Christopher Hitchens in the midst of a faith crisis when a co-worker evangelized me and tried to get me involved in C.J. Mahaney’s SGM. I was horrified to look at all the spiritual abuse coming out of the organization. Its sad…when you have Christians clinging to ministries bleeding out allegations of criminal activity. For me Mahaney’s Sovereign Grace helped justify atheism. As I was coming out of a faith crisis the guy who evangelized me gave birth to a false accusation that was never resolved. I can’t tell what it was like to sob in the middle of the night for 3 years and try and get your life on track again. The person who made the false accusation never repented or cleaned it up. And I am stuck. Christianity can be one of the most jacked up things at times Dave. When you have all these people who can spit out quotes from Matt Chandler or John Piper. And yet they can not even say “I’m sorry Dave…I was wrong, please forgive me and let’s work this out…” The Air Force Captain in my story (Psuedo Andrew White) I have written about at my blog. My background is writing about the EFCA because of my background in the EFCA. I have written quite a bit about the EFCA and have broken several stories. To see a couple read up on Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania. Also EFCA/Acts 29 Riverside Community Church in Columbia, South Carolina. I look forward to writing about your district.

    Please take care Dave,

    Very Respectfully,

    David Bonner

  2. Dear David, I am asking your permission to use a map that shows David’s flight from Saul in one of your lessons on Psalm 54. I am trying to write a book on David and your map is the best I have seen on David’s flight. Thanks for your help. Doug Edwards

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