Murmuring in the Tent –

So dear readers, with the holiday season fast approaching – and I am not referring to anything having to do with the NFL – the postings will be sporadic at best.

“Is that a change?” You ask.

Let’s say, even more sporadic.

I am enjoying this work by Alister McGrath.  What is it about British Evangelicals?  Their academics are accessible (maybe it is the importance of reading widely over there that makes them good writers) and their pastors who write are scholarly.  Too often American evangelicals are either academic and irrelevant or too much “how-to” with chest thumping to be of much help.

I am also thinking that the Gospel stories need to be told, not summarized, analyzed, abstracted and alliterated.

I’ve decided that jazz and art classes ought to be added to the seminary curriculum – one needs a strategy of diversion to get to the message sometimes.

and, about that murmmuring….i am not a fan of the cultural mish-mash of Christmas or is it Xmas, but have come to look forward to Advent each year.

Here, for fun is something you can cut up in December to keep your thoughts Advent like, and them make a paper chain. Print this on colored paper and you have art.  Put on some Jazz and you are set.  adventchain.numbered


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